HiNode integration for data centers

A fully integrated control manager for Data Centers


A single control board manages all the units for the air conditioning of the Data Center. Real integration comes when all the heat loads, even of opposite signs, are used.


Distributing the load on many refrigerating units, modulating the speed of compressors, pumps and fans and the use of Free‐Cooling lead the real energy saving. Green Data Center is the future.


The control logic of the whole system can be based on time bands, in order to get money saving from energy saving. With very low running costs the Data Center’s PUE is at its lowest.


The needed redundancy of the system comes from the complete management of all the air conditioning units. The computer rooms are safe in every situation. There’s no more need of a large number of units to get redundancy.


The cooling demand of the Data Center is distributed on all the refrigerating units installed. This let them work for a uniform number of hours. The Data Center AC system has then a longer lifetime with a proper control strategy.